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Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Parker

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Farrell’s Parker Group Fitness Program!

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Our unique group fitness program includes a full-body workout that’s designed for all ages and fitness levels. Add muscle, lose body fat and transform your body and mind through cardio kickboxing, strength training, nutrition guidance and member accountability in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment.


Whether you’re looking to tone up, lose inches, build strength or endurance, or just have fun working out, Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping Parker can help you achieve your fitness goals. Contact us to learn more about our fitness program and fitness family at Farrell’s Parker.


10-Week Challenge!

At Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping, our professional trainers can help you get in the best shape of your life. Whether you want to lose weight, build strength or just learn how to live a healthier lifestyle, our 10-Week Challenge will put you on the right path to reach your goal while having fun. 

What to Expect From Our 10-Week Challenge

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping has the most successful boot camps in Parker, CO, because we approach your fitness from several angles. When you enroll in our fitness challenge, you get the benefits of:

Our 10-Week Session includes:
  • 60 strength training and kickboxing classes
  • Working toward your goal with a small, supportive team
  • Nutrition coaching to boost your health
  • The boxing gloves and wraps that you need for kickboxing classes
  • Three fitness evaluations that track your progress
  • Before and after photos that prove how far you’ve come
  • A student manual loaded with tips and extra fitness resources
Our program includes six 45-minute classes per week for 10 weeks. It's an exhilarating ride! Within a few weeks, you’ll notice that you have a trimmer body, more strength and a surge in confidence.

At the end of each 10-week fitness challenge, we award a $1,000 prize to the student who saw the biggest transformation! With $1,000 on the line, you’ll think twice about skipping any of your boot camp classes!

Find Success in Our Fitness Classes

A lot of people come to our boot camps in Parker, CO, after trying for years to get in better shape. It’s not easy to do alone. That’s why Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping uses a combination of fitness classes, nutrition education and community support that leads to success.

You may have tried other boot camp classes that didn’t work for you. Our instructors make sure that you feel motivated to transform your body. It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in today. We’ll start at the beginning and put in the hard work it takes to transform your life.

Not all fitness classes address the unique needs of their students. We put an emphasis on using your talents and interests to keep fitness fun. It’s a fast-paced program that gets results. At the end of your fitness challenge, you won’t believe how your body and mind have changed.

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6 Ways to Get (and Stay) Motivated

Motivation is a psychological game. You’ve heard the phrase “mind over matter” and that’s exactly how you need to think about motivation. It’s that crucial piece of the puzzle to achieving your goals. For some, motivation comes easy. For others, it doesn’t. Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping is unique in that our community of members helps keep each other motivated and accountable.

Coach ProfileMeet Our Team

Being raised in rural Iowa by a single mom nutrition was not something I was ever taught. Large portions of whatever we had in the cupboard was my diet as a child. By the time I was twelve years old I was the fat kid in school and suffered the teasing of all the bullies. At that age I had no idea what to do about it but I knew I wasn’t happy in my condition. During the following summer I bicycled everywhere, to school, to the store, on my paper route, and with my friends every chance I could. That summer I lost 20lbs and no longer had to wear Husky brand jeans. I remember to this day how big of a deal it was to be able to wear the same clothes everyone else wore. Although I was still clueless about proper nutrition, from that summer on I understood how big of a role exercise would play in my life.
As I moved on to junior high and high school I was introduced to weight lifting which my body took to like a drowning man takes to air. I quickly began building solid muscle and strength. I was rewarded with positive attention from my peers and a starting position on the football field. Further solidifying the role exercise would play in my life. After high school I continued to work out and found some incredible training partners that got me into power lifting. Although I was as strong as an ox, I couldn’t run to the car without losing my breath. I quickly realized all that weight I was lifting was not all it’s cracked up to be, and might actually be hurting my body.
After trying out a handful of different fitness programs and training partners with little to no consistency I decided to try this Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping thing. I had done some martial arts training in the past and was looking for a way to lean out, increase my flexibility and improve my cardio vascular conditioning. Not to mention the fact that my pants size was now up four inches since my glory days. So in January of 2008 I signed up for my 10 week session in Ankeny, IA. I went in with minimal expectations since after all; I’ve been working out since I was a boy. Well, I soon found out that this FXB thing was for real. My coach and teammates were intense and refused to let me give anything but level 10. I was sweating and working harder than I had in years. I finally learned what proper nutrition was all about. I had never had anyone spend the time to teach me how to properly fuel my body. Up until then I thought an athlete’s diet came in a big jar from GNC. This combination of intense cardio training, resistance training, real world nutrition counseling, encouragement and accountability from my coach and teammates, was what I had been searching for. At the end of my ten weeks I had lost 4 inches off my waist, dropped my body fat 4%, and had more strength and endurance than ever. Not to mention, the friends and support system that comes with the ten week experience. I diligently continued my workouts for the next couple years fuelling the idea of starting my own FXB family someday.
Colorado had become one of my favorite places to vacation. After several vacations to Estes Park, and many long conversations during the car ride back to Ankeny, I finally talked my wife into moving to Denver and pursuing the dream of opening our own FXB. In 2010, we moved into a little apartment in Englewood and then shortly after moved to our permanent home in Parker. We spent the next three years planning and preparing to bring this incredible program to our new hometown of Parker, Colorado.
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Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Blog

Soaking it all in at Farrell’s!

For the past few years, working out was always a chore – something I felt I had to do – but this class was surprisingly fun! I put on the gloves and punched and kicked the bag for 45 minutes, and I wanted more. I enrolled in the Farrell’s 10-Week Challenge, unaware of the mental and physical transformation I was about to go through.

New Year, New Farrell’s Location Opening in Greenwood, IN!

Jim Warren, FIT member at our Farrell’s Bloomington, Indiana location was so moved by his Farrell’s experience and our program that he knew he needed to bring Farrell’s to the Indianapolis area. Jim always dreamed of owning his own business and Farrell’s is now allowing him to fulfill his dream as he open his own location in Greenwood, IN!

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10-Week Challenge

  • Fitness & Kickboxing Classes
  • Group Strength Training Classes
  • Easy-to-Follow Nutrition Plan
  • Fitness Evaluations & Photos
  • Individual Coaching & Team Support
  • $1,000 Contest


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Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Parker
11280 South Twenty Mile Rd
Ste 108
Parker, CO 80134

Phone: (720) 376-9548
Head Coach: Chad Davis
Franchise Owner: C & C Coaching, LLC 



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